New Apartment!

BedroomsCollage-02_zps65fcf122So guess what, beautiful people! I have just signed a lease for a beautiful little apartment! I am so stoked; this is my first actual place ever! I’ve been very lucky to live alone while still being in the safety of my parents’ house since they always lived in a different country. But this time, this place is all mine. I’ve been spending my days trawling Pinterest and Google for ideas for how to decorate my new place and I am getting so overwhelmed! I have to buy literally everything for it, and being so new to Melbourne, I don’t know where all the good (but cheap) 2nd hand stores are.


I’m trying to stay positive about how overwhelming all of this is. It’s an amazing opportunity, and I am so thankful that I was approved to spend a year in this beautiful unit. I can’t wait to show you pictures as I slowly decorate a space and make it completely mine.


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How positive thinking helped me get a job!

Last Thursday, I woke up feeling absolutely terrible. I was disappointed in myself for not having a job. I couldn’t believe that after being in Melbourne for over 4 months I still hadn’t found anything.

From there, I started thinking about my other shortcomings and I could tell I was going to spiral if I didn’t nip it in the bud.

I shook off that negativity and made a plan for the day, because there is nothing worse than someone who can make things better for themselves but chooses not to. I closed my eyes to think positive thoughts. I suddenly remembered that it wasn’t that I was getting knocked back from job opportunities – it was that I wasn’t even applying for them in the first place. I mean, hello!

Thinking more positively helped me recall how I applied for a job at a very reputable retail company only a month or so before and they were interested in hiring me straight away, but I couldn’t taking the position due to scheduling conflicts. That was a hiccup, of course, but it still proved I had skills people were very interested in. I had to see the good in that!

I printed out a stack of resumes, got dolled up in a hot business-casual outfit and headed out to the nearest shopping centre to start handing them out. I walked in with major positive vibes and headed straight to a particular shop that I’ve been dreaming of working at since I first got to Melbourne, and guess what! They said they were looking for new staff and asked for an interview the very next day! I mean, how amazing is that?? The first shop I stopped at offered me an interview!

Long story short… I have a trial shift this Wednesday!


Now, I’m not going to say that this opportunity was bestowed upon me by a magical unicorn of positivity because of my own optimism, but I do think that I could have missed out on this opportunity had I just stayed in bed feeling like there was nothing I could do about it.  Sometimes, your sadness can be solved. Sometimes, an overwhelming problem can be made a little bit easier by writing down a step-by-step plan of attack.

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Jimbaran, Bali with some amazing school friends.

Since I’m quite new to this whole blogging thing (not really… but I am most certainly rusty) I’ve realised I’m not good at compartmentalising my different pursuits.
When I’m focused on Seraphim – my clothing company – I find it very hard to continue on with other things that need my focus as well, like this blog.

I’m still here though. I’m still thinking about what I should write; still wondering how professional bloggers continually have interesting things to write about.

I’ve never been amazing at thinking ahead. Strategic blogging is something I’m definitely not used to. But I’m learning. SLOWLY.

Ugh. Not another plane. 🙁

Where have I been? Traveling. My travel route was Melbourne – Perth – Jakarta – Bali – Jakarta – Perth – Melbourne. In less than a month! The thought of getting on another plane makes me shudder.

What was I doing in all these places? Work, mainly. Jakarta for fabrics and Bali to meet with my manufacturer.

Buying fabric at Mayestik in Jakarta proved to be a little disappointing. There weren’t many prints that got me excited, unfortunately. I’m glad that the designs for my very late winter collection look great in basic colours. My amazing manufacturers found some lovely prints in Bali, like this beautiful print that will be turned into a cropped jacket.

Seraphim cropped jacket and flared legged jumpsuit samples!

And we’re also experimenting with thicker fabrics – something I’ve never done before. Perth winters are so mild that I’ve been fine wearing chiffon with just a thickish cardigan. But Melbourne – Jesus Christ. Melbourne’s a whole other story. We’ve had to spend a bit of time looking at how thicker material drapes in order to make sure it looks great on plus sized bodies. It’s all been very eye-opening.

Split side maxi sample made out of a thicker sweatshirt style fabric.
Split side maxi sample made out of a thicker sweatshirt style fabric.

I’m back in Melbourne now. It’s both a relief and a shame that I’m back here. I miss my friends and my family, but I’m also excited about getting to know Melbourne more and more.

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Kinda feeling like a country & western singer.

Denim shirt from Kmart - $20!
Denim shirt from Kmart – $20!

Check out this really cool shirt I found at Kmart the other day! I loooove denim shirts, but I’ve never found one that has fitted my awkward body shape, since I’m significantly smaller on top than around my belly. I really love the shade of blue this shirt is, though, so I decided to see if I could mod it out by turning it into a super cute Daisy Duke-esque cropped shirt with a tie front.

Fold your shirt in half.
Fold your shirt in half.

So the first thing I did was try on the shirt and figure out how short I wanted it to be by counting the buttons. I found that I wanted to cut the shirt between the fifth and sixth buttons.
Now, since this shirt has ties at the front, I decided to cut from the back towards the buttons, and then – when I was about three inches away from the buttons – I curved the cutting towards the bottom of the shirt.

Creating the ties.
Creating the ties.

After creating the ties, unfold your shirt. You’ll find that you have a strange flap at the back that looks identical to the ties at the front because of how you folded the shirt in half. Don’t worry – just cut that straight across.

How to cut a shirt final
And voila! A super cute cropped denim shirt!

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