New Apartment!

BedroomsCollage-02_zps65fcf122So guess what, beautiful people! I have just signed a lease for a beautiful little apartment! I am so stoked; this is my first actual place ever! I’ve been very lucky to live alone while still being in the safety of my parents’ house since they always lived in a different country. But this time, this place is all mine. I’ve been spending my days trawling Pinterest and Google for ideas for how to decorate my new place and I am getting so overwhelmed! I have to buy literally everything for it, and being so new to Melbourne, I don’t know where all the good (but cheap) 2nd hand stores are.


I’m trying to stay positive about how overwhelming all of this is. It’s an amazing opportunity, and I am so thankful that I was approved to spend a year in this beautiful unit. I can’t wait to show you pictures as I slowly decorate a space and make it completely mine.


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