“Relationships with Fat Girls”

While searching online for different topics to write about, I decided to google “relationships with fat girls” to see what would come up and let me tell you – what an eye opener. Perhaps I live in a little blind and oblivious bubble of fat-love and whatnot, but I was so disappointed to read forum entry after forum entry and article after article focused on fat-hate. One forum thread post on askmen.com was by a girl who, after three years of being with her boyfriend, was told by him that he hadn’t found her attractive for quite some time. He believed it was because of her weight… which was strange, considering she was smaller than she was when they met three years before.

The thread became a massive debate with a few people telling her to leave this confused and ridiculous sod, while most of the other posters chastised the poor poster for not wanting to lose weight for her beloved partner. After she asked the forum-goers, “Am I selfish for wanting a man that is as attracted to me as I am to him?” a tacky bloke replied, “No, you’re selfish for not caring about your man’s attraction enough to stay fit… You’re selfish for eating all of those chocolates and late-nite pizzas instead of caring about making this relationship work.”

Heres a gold star on us! Well done, chump!

Look, I do believe that it’s completely fine to have this idea in your head of the kind of people that you find both attractive and unattractive. If you’re not into fat girls or guys, that’s completely fine. You’re not shallow just because you’re not into a certain body type. It’s a whole other story, however, when you judge someone solely on this physical trait that you don’t find agreeable.

Again, perhaps it’s the oblivious bubble of body acceptance and fat-love that I live in that makes me forget how some people in this world will be doomed to never understand how freeing it is to just accept people for who they are, but I just want to say – on the record – I call shenanigans on all you dipshits who would judge me just for being twice your size. Hell, I call shenanigans on all of you who actually think it’s ok to break up with your partner just because she’s packed on a few kilos.

All these people seem to forget the reasons they fell for their partners in the beginning. Yes, the moment you meet someone it is all about the way they look. But the moment they open their mouths and become more than just a face and body, you choose then and there to continue talking to this person. And people change! Are you going to wake up 20 years later wondering why your wife’s boobs aren’t as perky as before?

I’m saddened by all of this. I’m seriously at a loss.

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  1. Well said gurl! I have packed on 10+kgs in 2 years since being with my lovely boyfriend and never has he said a bad word about it. It was me who felt sluggish and wanted to do it an he just helps with motivation ad positive reinforcement no negatives about it! I’m one of the lucky ones who has an accepting boyfriend who is supportive of who I am!

    1. I’m the same, Ezmae. My boyfriend has never ever made ANY comment (serious or otherwise) about changing myself. He is a very athletic guy and when I first met him I was always anticipating “The Talk” but it never came.
      I’m on a major health kick at the moment too and since the start he has always been so wonderful about giving me the right amount of support (too much praise makes me feel patronised!) and it’s been amazing. WHERE ARE THESE POOR WOMEN FINDING THESE RIDICULOUS MEN?!


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