How to clean your make up brushes

Oh my God, you guys. You will not believe how lazy I’ve been with cleaning my brushes. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I did it before I made this how-to guide.

Please judge me. I’m judging me.

A lot of companies will try to sucker you into buying special brush cleaning soaps but there’s a much cheaper option for you and it works just as well – use any shampoo you have on hand!

Things you will need:
1. A bowl,
2. Shampoo,
3. A hand towel
4. A tap that runs hot water

1. Give your brush a rinse under warm water. Rub the bristles with your fingers to loosen up all that caked-on makeup.


2. Fill your bowl with some hot water and add some shampoo.


3. Swish your brush into the solution until the water goes cloudy. Empty the bowl and refill, also re-adding the shampoo. Continue cleaning your brushes this way until the water stays clear.

Replace dirty water with clean hot water and repeat.

4. Rinse your brushes to wash away excess shampoo.


4. Lay your brushes down on the hand towel to dry.


And there you go! Because it’s so cold, my brushes took far too long to dry so I gave them a blast with my hairdryer. The bristles are so soft now, and my face feels less oily throughout the day.

How often do you guys clean your brushes?

Things to do when you forget that FAT DOES NOT = UGLY

Are you self-hating right now? Here are some ways to remember how beautiful you are!

Are you self-hating right now? Here’s some ways to remember how beautiful you are!

We’ve all had those days. You get on the scale one morning and realise you’ve put on two kilos, or you wear a dress that fit perfectly on you two months before but now it’s tight around the belly. Sometimes, the self-hate isn’t even the result of weight gain! Sometimes, you just look at yourself in the mirror and start to believe the bullshit you read in articles on the internet.

It fucking sucks, and it’s always hard to pick yourself up when we as a society are told that our worth is in direct correlation with our dress size.

I’ve come up with a list to cheer us up because – really, we deserve to be happy no matter what, right? We have the right to love ourselves NO. MATTER. WHAT.

1. Forgive yourself.

Look in the mirror and tell your reflection that everything will be alright. Look right into your eyes and say, “I forgive myself. I forgive my body. My body is an amazing vessel that houses an amazing soul and no amount of weight gain or self-hate will change that.”

2. Have a luxurious bath or shower.

Pamper yourself and have a long luxurious bath or shower! Buy the good shit, yo.

Pamper yourself and have a long luxurious bath or shower! Buy the good shit, yo.

Go to your favourite spa/beauty store and purchase a few things to give yourself a serious pampering session. We are all very quick to buy clothes, shoes and handbags to make ourselves feel happier, but what about spoiling your body with beautiful lotions and soaps? Your mind and body have been through enough self-abuse and it’s time to get right by spoiling yourself. Light some candles! Bring a really great trashy novel!
I recommend Lush’s Ceridwen’s Cauldron Bath Melt and Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb if you’re into baths. If you’re like me and prefer to have long showers, go for Buffy Body Butter to scrub, Dreamwash Shower Smoothie to lather up, and then finish off with Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner.

3. Listen to some empowering music.

Hide under the blankets, dance around your bedroom or take a long drive somewhere. Whatever you choose to do, do it while listening to some songs that rev you up. Listen to them loud and sing along! It doesn’t really matter what the songs are about; as long as you find yourself perking up as the first few bars play. You know that feeling when your favourite song comes on the radio and you just have to turn it up? Those are the songs you need to look for. Music is an incredible mood enhancer. What you listen to can greatly affect you!

Some of my faves to listen to when I’m in a rut:
Backfire – MuteMath
Show Me Lights – Friendly Fires
Paper Doll – John Mayer
Time To Pretend – MGMT
Slow Down – Lights
Rest of My Life – Ludacris, Usher + David Guetta
In Your Eyes – Peter Gabriel
Waiting For The End – Linkin Park
Not On Drugs – Tove Lo
Everything Changes – Take That
Kiss of Life – Friendly Fires
Let The Sun Shine – Labrinth
Flashback – Calvin Harris
Blood Pressure – MuteMath
Izzo / In The End – Linkin Park + Jay-Z
Spiritus – Lisa Mitchell
Clarity – John Mayer
A Luta Continua! – MarchFourth Marching Band
Valerie – Mark Ronson + Amy Winehouse

4. Take yourself out on a date.

The National Gallery of Victoria

Take yourself out on a solo date. The NGV, perhaps?

Last time I went on a solo adventure, I ventured into the National Gallery of Victoria to view the “A Golden Age of China” exhibit, which was absolutely magnificent. I walked around the gallery quietly, keeping my phone in my handbag so I wouldn’t be distracted or feel the need to take photographs to post on instagram. This adventure was all mine and I selfishly didn’t want to share it with anyone!
After walking through the exhibition, I went to the Tea Room and had afternoon tea. I was seated next to an elderly woman who had also ventured into town alone, and we sat there talking about the exhibits and our lives. She told me about how her husband and love of her life had passed away two years and three months ago and she kept herself busy by going to the opera and checking out exhibits at the Melbourne Museum and NGV. She was a fascinating woman – someone I never would have met had I not decided to just spend some time away from everyone I knew.

Go. Check out some touristy spots you haven’t visited in a while. Check out the national art gallery in your city. See everything with a fresh pair of eyes. Just go do something all by yourself!

5. Listen to your body and what it really wants to eat.

I am an emotional eater, and sometimes I forget that my body is not the one wanting that large popcorn chicken meal from KFC.
Sometimes it’s my sadness or my boredom. On occasion, eating that KFC meal leaves you feeling utterly satisfied, but other times, as soon as all that food is gone, you are left with some major self-loathing for dessert.
This is not about dieting; this is not about creating a complicated relationship with food. This is about learning to understand what your body is trying to tell you. Listen – really listen – to what your body wants. If you know that you could seriously do with some deliciously decadent mudcake, go to town on that thing guilt-free! But if you’re craving a smoothie packed with fresh fruits, don’t do your body a disservice and give it the mudcake! Sometimes, spoiling your body isn’t giving it something naughty!

6. Dress UP.

Get dolled up for no goddamned reason!

Get dolled up for no goddamned reason!

My friends know when I’m having an ugly day – I get overly dressed up. I wear a full face of makeup, my blingiest chandelier earrings, curl my hair and wear an outfit that is more fitting for a night out on the town than for the cafe around the corner, but I’m not going to lie… knowing I’ve put effort into how I look and having my girlfriends tell me I look nice makes me feel better about myself. My friends are my harshest critics, so when they tell me I’m looking good, I know I’m really looking good.

7. Go for a walk.

Put on some comfy shoes, grab your iPod and take yourself out to a park. I’m not really talking about exercise here – although we all know that exercise is a brilliant way to release endorphins to make you feel a million times better. I’m talking about just reconnecting with your body. As you walk, be completely aware of how your knees bend and your thighs and calves flex to move you forward. Focus on your hips and pelvis that help to make you walk with a great deal of fluidity. Notice your breathing! Have you ever actually had a moment where you’ve gone, “Holy shit! I am a walking, breathing, living entity! I can walk, talk, laugh… have amazing sex!”
When you think about what it takes to get your body moving, it’s practically impossible not to realise how amazing our bodies are.

8. Remember this kick-ass quote!

Be pretty if you want, and do it for only you!


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How to write a brilliant dating profile.


I have been doing the online dating thing for over 10 years now, and I have learned a lot about writing profiles that attract the right kind of people. Here are my tips for creating the perfect dating profile.

1. Be exciting.

If it was your funeral, how would you want to be described in your eulogy? ‘Funny’ or ‘Rib-splittingly hilarious’? ‘Brave’ or ‘badass motherfucker’? ‘Sweet’ or ‘so freaking kind I can’t even deal right now’? You don’t want to brag, but choose unique ways to describe your personality. You are trying to attract someone who could be The One. Show all the potentials how awesome you are! Choose your words carefully. Some words make a guy switch off completely.

All my dating profiles start with: “Plus-sized British-American accented Eurasian trying desperately to delay the inevitable hardship known as ‘real life’.” I think it sounds youthful, fun and mysterious.

2. Tell a quirky story to keep the reader entertained.

This is a story I used: “When I was five years old my mother used to make me a glass of cold Milo to drink every morning. She told me that it would make me big and strong. So, because my pet goldfish was so tiny, I decided to tip an entire can of Milo into its tank in an attempt to make it become big and strong like me. Needless to say… my goldfish never grew – or breathed – again. RIP Goldie 1986-1986.”
It’s cute, sad, funny and quirky all at once.

3. Be excited about online dating.

I have seen so many men’s profiles that imply online dating is a bit pathetic. They even go so far as to tell you that their friend had forced them/dared them/made them a profile to try it out but they weren’t taking it seriously. WHYYYYYY? I don’t understand why anyone would ever think this was a good way to start their profile! They are dissing and dismissing it as a legitimate dating option, and are therefore dissing your choice to be on there too. So weird.

You should always sound excited at the opportunity to meet interesting people along your journey to meeting The One. I obviously haven’t met Mr Right yet, but I’ve met some incredible and amazing men – some of whom are still in my life today.

4. Keep it light and happy. NO NEGATIVITY PLEASE.

Your sob story has no place in a dating profile. No one – not even you, fellow sob storyteller – wants to read a train wreck profile by someone who describes all the horrible things that have befallen them. Yes, it’s sad. Yes, it does make you look a little pathetic. It also makes you seem like the kind of person to cry about your dead childhood cat on a first date. Awkward. You’ll be the topic of a funny facebook post and you do not want that.

Be funny and upbeat. Everyone in this world prefers to date someone with a positive outlook on life. Nothing is as sexy as a genuinely happy face staring back at you.

5. Don’t lie about who you are and how you look!

DO NOT BE A CATFISH, GIRLFRIEND. Besides being super weird and creepy, all you are doing is robbing yourself of the opportunity to meet someone awesome. You really think that amazing person you’re totally into but have been lying to is going to want to be with you after they find out you’re actually 20kgs heavier or 20 years older than you portrayed yourself to be? Do you really think you should be deserving of their trust after that kind of betrayal?

6. Show more than one photo!

I know that you want to make sure you look totally glam to attract The One, but let’s face it. We probably only look glam 40% of the time. I personally think you should put at least five photos – all of which should different, with some showing you not looking your best. It’s honest and doesn’t mean you’re ugly. It just means you’re real!

You should have one good close up with you looking super glam, one plain one with you wearing little-to-no makeup, two full body shots, a group shot with your besties (make sure they’re ok with their photo being up on a dating site) and one of you doing something fun while out-and-about.

No pouty duck faces, people. I’ve asked so many men and they’ve all told me how much they hate the sexy pout. Just smile or look pensive!

7. Don’t talk about sex!

Unless you’re writing a profile on AdultFriendFinder or RedHotPie, do not mention sex in your profile or you have a higher chance of attracting total sleazes instead of decent dudes. Don’t get me wrong, beautiful. There’s a good chance you’ll get dirty pics anyway because there are so many creeps on the internet who have no clue how to speak to ladies. You will get less of them, though, if you do refrain from using sexual words. Save the shmexy talk for when you’re finally comfortable with them and have chosen to meet them in real life.

8. Don’t be a loser! Use spelling/grammar check!

This is pretty self-explanatory but you will be surprised at the amount of times I see bad spelling in a profile. If you have an issue with spelling, write your profile in Microsoft Word! It will check your spelling as you type it up! NO EXCUSES, PEOPLE! Bad spelling looks sloppy. And we are not sloppy, are we?

9. If you’re really stuck, use OkCupid’s profile headings as a template.

I love OkCupid. Their profile headings are totally unique and I think they’ve made it idiot proof.

My favourite headings are:
~ I’m really good at…
~ The first things people usually notice about me…
~ The six things I could never do without…
~ I spend a lot of time thinking about…

Even if you don’t want to use OkC’s services, I still suggest using their headings on whatever online dating service you do end up using.

And that’s it! I absolutely love critiquing my friends’ dating profiles, so if you have one you want me to look at I will totally give you my honest opinion about it!

Image courtesy and edited by myself.

Treasure Chest – random links to inspire and happify.


Hello, beauties! I hope this entry finds all of you well and happy and in the best mood ever. If you’re not in the best mood ever, may some of these treasures brighten up your day!

So, usually a link round-up has a theme but, honestly, I just found some super amazing things around the internet that I just had to share them with you – theme-be-damned.


Korean Artist “Puuung” creates beautiful illustrations about what real love looks like. These images are so fucking sweet I can’t even.

Mura Masa is an 18 year old music genius who makes some amazingly mature tracks. Seriously, guys. He is so talented my mind is completely blown. He is my musical flavour for the month of May.

Make a super “feminedgy” braided spike bracelet. Who doesn’t love a quick, easy and giftable DIY project?

Here’s a photo gallery of some of the prettiest tiny houses evarrr! Considering I have so little money, I’m so tempted to just make one of these and then freeload on my parents’ land. My faves are the Wedge and the Luxury Treehouse.

An article about trying to explain the fat acceptance movement to someone who really has no clue. This is a long-ish read, but it is really helpful if you want stats and to educate yourself about how to discuss fat acceptance with the people around you.

Life advice from someone who just turned 30. Believe me – these tips are absolutely spot on. You should print these out and stick them in your journal!

Got any links to share with me? Let me know! xoxo

Jenzatron’s back on youtube.

So, many of you won’t know this, but I used to be a B to C grade videoblogger on youtube. I started sometime in 2006 and my very first video was this Milo challenge that was going around in which you had to drink a litre of Milo.

I’m not even going to lie – it was utter shit, but I became really obsessed with talking in front of my webcam and it became my main platform for journaling. I was a no-holds-barred videoblogger. I cried on camera, and talked candidly about my fears and depression, and because of my openness, I gained a rather good following.

I started a collaboration channel with a bunch of other people in 2011 and it did really well, but I ended up forgetting about my own channel in the process and – since I’m rebooting, I am currently trying to figure out whether or not I can also reboot my old youtube account, and use both platforms to create something magical.

Here’s a video I made last week. Do you guys like being able to see me talk and move? Does it create another level of intimacy for you – the reader? Let me know what you think.



Wow! 30 Days of Seraphim has ended. Phew. That was honestly a lot harder than I thought it would be but I really enjoyed being challenged to plan my outfits ahead of time. Usually, I just wear whatever I feel like wearing on any given day. Not going to lie – that happened a few times during April… you can tell by the amount of Black Harem Pants that are on display. Not even sorry, y’all.

Here is the gallery!

There is one integral thing I learned about my designs though – I really do need to take winter fashion designing more seriously. One of the main reasons why I was constantly in the harem pants is because I don’t make many tunic tops that can be worn with nice thick leggings, and – as much as I love chiffon – it’s obviously not going to work through most of winter.

So, I’m going to be coming out with a small collection of winter clothes hopefully sometime in July.

What was your favourite look?

What should my next monthly challenge be??

There is so a place like Home!

Is there a place that you feel absolutely connected to – besides where you live? Has there ever been a city that has felt so right to you that you wouldn’t be surprised to find out you lived there in a past life?

For me, that place is New Orleans.

The amazing shotgun house I got to stay in the first time I visited NOLA.

The amazing shotgun house I got to stay in the first time I visited NOLA.

Walking down Treme towards the French Quarter.

Walking down Treme towards the French Quarter.

I was lucky enough to visit NOLA twice in 2013. The first time I went, I stayed at an ‘shotgun house’ in Treme – only 8ish blocks away from the French Quarter. Treme is apparently known to be quite a rough area, but I found the neighbourhood to be so lovely and quiet, with people sitting on their stoops wishing passersby a good day.

I spent most of my time in New Orleans marvelling at the architecture, whether it was the houses in the neighbourhoods, the beautiful terraced buildings in the French Quarter, or the manors on the sugarcane plantations. It’s a mish-mash of all sort of interesting designs. Most of the places I visited were very well-worn, but it was all so charming… and creepy. It really is steeped with an otherworldly quality that I have never encountered anywhere else in all my travels.

Came upon this amazing building while walking to the French Quarter.

Came upon this amazing building while walking to the French Quarter.

The Big House at Oak Alley Plantation, NOLA.

The Big House at Oak Alley Plantation, NOLA.

While I was there, I just had to see a tarot reader in the French Quarter. I mean, you can’t visit NOLA and not visit one of the many Voodoo/crystal/mystic shops to have your cards read.
“You do know,” The reader said, in a haze of cigarette smoke, “That New Orleans is just like you, yes?”
I looked at her blankly, shaking my head.
“New Orleans is a Scorpio city!” She exclaimed. “That’s why you are drawn to it. You would fit in here. You should move here.”

I hadn’t shared my sunsign with her, so you can imagine how impressed I was with her figuring that out. (Do scorpios have some universal tell, I wonder?)

Surprisingly, she is not the only tarot reader who has picked up my love of New Orleans. In January, I went to Kuala Lumpur and had a reading done with a lovely woman and, after talking about wanting to move to a new place, she said, “I hear Caribbean music…”

I looked at her uncomfortably and had no idea what she was talking about.

She continued, “Drumming… Something that looks like some statue of Mary. And… Voodoo? New Orleans, maybe?”


The tomb of Marie Laveau.

The tomb of Marie Laveau.

Speaking of weird-as-fuck things, I joined one of the many ghost tours that run in the Quarter. It’s a history lesson mixed with super creepy storytelling! It is incredibly intense (Remember Madame Lalaurie from AHS: Coven? She was a real person who did horrific things to her slaves!), and you better pray to Marie Laveau (Yep. She’s real too!) that the tour guide doesn’t stop in front of your hotel to share a terrifying story of what happened there (here is a list of hotels you most definitely should not stay at if you do not want to encounter paranormal activity).

I myself encountered something paranormal in the hotel I stayed at during the second visit to NOLA. I stayed at a beautiful little hotel only a few blocks from Bourbon St, and as soon as I walked into the room, I knew I wasn’t alone. I was in a suite, and sensed something in the far corner of the living room. That room was significantly colder, even though the air conditioning unit was with me in the bedroom and facing away from the living room doorway. Needless to say, I moved to a different room after just one night.

ANYWAY. Moving on swiftly to the topic of food. Oh. My. God, you guys. The food there. I won’t even bother listing all the amazing places because 90% of them were great. But you must must must go to Cafe Du Monde at the French Market to eat some world famous beignets and drink a cup of cafe au lait. This place has been around since the 1860s and is still going strong.

Beignets and Cafe au lait at Cafe Du Monde.

Beignets and Cafe au lait at Cafe Du Monde.

The whole French Quarter and outer suburbs just sings to my soul. There was such a familiarity I couldn’t explain, and as I walked through the streets I found myself constantly fantasising about having a place there… waking up in my little well-worn apartment right in the centre of the Quarter and walking down to the local corner cafe to grab a coffee.

Anyway, the reason why I decided to make a post about my time in New Orleans is because I have been inundated with memories after doing some very New Orleansy things here in Melbourne!

First, I went to Le Bon Ton – a New Orleans inspired restaurant – with my friends Elyse and Caitlin. A few days later, I went to Night Cat and danced to some New Orleans jazz. Today, I went back to Le Bon Ton with my cousin Carolyn, and right now I am watching The Princess and The Frog, which is based in New Orleans.

Sitting at the bar at Le Bon Ton this evening brought back some brilliantly happy memories. I left smiling from ear to ear. I feel like the universe is sending me a sign, so I am having serious thoughts about moving to New Orleans within the next five years.

Where is your favourite destination? Please share with me!

Cutting a V-Neck Cropped Jumper.

Let's get to cutting this shit up!

Let’s get to cutting this shit up!

Hello my loves! Another day, another mod! This one is a simple one so I’ll keep this post nice and short.

I wanted to make a V-Neck cropped top from this lovely gradient jumper. Again, I bought this one from Kmart (can you tell I went on a bit of a spree?).

Anyway, just like the first jumper I posted, I cut along the waistband first and then tried it on.

Make sure you cut as straight as you can! Use the waistband as your guide!

Make sure you cut as straight as you can! Use the waistband as your guide!

I had to cut the jumper a few more times to get it just right, and then I moved onto the neckline. I decided to make a V-neck and luckily, this jumper had the perfect guide for me to follow.

Use this point as a guide when cutting your V-Neck.

Use this point as a guide when cutting your V-Neck.

I measured 5cm away from the neck seam and cut down to that point. As you can see, my first cut wasn’t as centred as it should have been so I very carefully adjusted it with my scissors.

And there you go!

And there you go!

And here’s the final look!



Seeing more fat people = preferring fat people. Really?!

Guys guys guys! Watch this video by the beautiful AND fat Lillian Bustle – a body positive ambassador and burlesque dancer. During her TEDxJerseyCity Talk, she talks about this very interesting concept of how the more our view is saturated with larger bodies, the more we will prefer larger bodies. There’s a whole science behind it! We’re not talking about how seeing more fat bodies in magazines and on tv will make people accept these larger bodies – we’re talking about preference! Choosing a fat body over a thin one.


It’s funny, because I was honestly only ever expecting acceptance, you know? A world where fat bodies wouldn’t be judged, and bullying against fat people wouldn’t be so prevalent. I know there are already a lot of people who prefer fat bodies, which is why choosing fat bodies was never the issue for me. It was all about the stares, the pointing… even the presumptions.

It’s also super scary to see how easily influenced we are by the media. Showing photo after photo could make you change your perception so quickly? Do we really have a choice at all?


Mind. Blown.

Mind. Blown.